Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Absolutely Strutting.....

The rooster theme is continuing in my studio and I have almost completed my new larger composition. This piece was very dependant on the pigment interaction of my earlier painting, shared last week on my blog, in a recent post. This time my wash colours were placed deliberately knowing that the finished piece would be a rooster where as the last wash was painted with random colours and I had no idea of what the outcome would be.

Sometimes it is harder painting this way as my brain sees where to put colour so the accidental and often beautiful watermarks that are created randomly in an unplanned wash are missing. Here with this method I am more in control so for the artist that likes planning ahead this method of creating may suit you best. 

I added the head section first on my pre placed first wash. If the head isn't right in the early staeges of a composition there is no point in working further, Next I added the rooster body, but I have done very little to the tail feathers as the wash and pigment interaction in this section looked so gorgeous as they were I didn't want to over shadow them with my own brushwork.

I could have left the rooster on white paper as it was but I was enjoying myself so much that before I knew it I had added hints of chicken wire in the distance,and then straw on the ground in the foreground.

I can still see things I would like to add but for now I am stopping, taking a break so that I can look at this piece with new eyes in the morning. I have an idea that just might make this rooster "pop" even more and if I do use the idea I will share it on my blog at a later stage.

It's wonderful how one painting will lead to several others on the same theme. I already have an idea for two new paintings from thisone but I may want a break from roosters first!

Happy painting!

Artist Tip

If you are unsure of whether you have finished a painting, or not, always leave it as it is until the next day so you can see the piece then with fresh eyes.

Caution: If you work further when you are unsure you could over work the piece and regret your haste.

Take your time deciding your next moves when you have almost finished a painting!


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