Thursday, 13 June 2019


"Ruffled Feathers"
Created using my new Jean Haines Daniel Smith Shimmer Set shades 

Where to start? I am back again. Life is so busy at the moment and there is so much exciting art news to share. I have my own Daniel Smith sets coming out this year and I am thrilled to finally share the news. Behind the scenes so much has been going on connected to making these the most irrisistable of watercolour sets available and I have selected shades that I can't live without to be included in both.

But why the shimmer sets?

Well for some time now I have been enhancing my work with the addition of iridescent and shimmer shades that bring exciting life in a very subtle way to my work. I have been asked how I am achieving the efffects so now I am sharing the products I use in Jean Haines sets and there is more news. 

I intend to share some tips of this range of colours and next month will start filming ideas and techniques which you will be able to see on line. I am absolutely thrilled by this opportunity to show how I paint minus typing! So do watch this space for updates on this brilliantly thrilling new venture.

The above rooster has Daniel Smith Iridescent Electric Blue and Pearlescent Shimmer on the feathers and these sections really glisten but not in an over powering way.

I can't wait for tomorrow when I will be back in my studio and sharing again. My health has taken a set back recently but I seem to be bouncing back well and working from home is suiting me much better for now. This does not mean I shan't be travelling in future. But my break from teaching is giving me time I needed to recharge my artistic batteries and think about the direction I wish to take as an artist at this stage in my career.

I'm working on gallery collections quietly and exhibitions too.

In fact.

Life is great!


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