Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day 2013

Beautiful Bouquet
Flowers on Mothers Day 2013

I am wishing everyone who follows my blog a wonderful Mothers Day filled with love.

As a child I use to pick primroses each year with the community from our village.The baskets of  small flowers would be gathered and made into sweet little posies of yellow, to be given to each Mother in church on the following Mothering Sunday. As an adult I look back and remember feeling so excited when it was my turn, as a little girl to walk up the aisle on that special day, be given my posy which I would then carefully carry back to my Stepmother who would be sitting in the pew at Church. I would hold it as if the flowers were as fragile as a basket of eggs. Terrified I would break a single stem or bud. It was such a simple act. There was no card or gift. It was all about being a family and letting the woman who had nurtured and cared for you know how much they were loved. My face must have been a pciture as I carried that small bouquet, that I had picked myself.

Maybe this is why I love painting spring primroses so much, in that they bring back happy memories for me.

Today I opened beautiful cards and arranged flowers. As I type , I realise the message is the same as years ago. And that is simply, to let your Mother know how much you love them.

Happy Mothers Day!

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