Monday, 25 March 2013

Wey Gallery Demonstration March 23rd ,2013

Snowdrop in First Wash
Demonstration from Saturday at the Wey Gallery

On Saturday I woke to find our cottage garden covered in a blanket of deep snow. Normally I  would have been delighted, loving the chance to play with Bailey in it.  But this was the Saturday I had been booked to demonstrate at the Wey Gallery in Godalming during my solo exhibition "Essence of an Artist" which had opened the night before.

My husband is happy to drive in snow, but even he thought I should phone ahead to see if the gallery was going to open. But I made my way there and was so glad I did. The scenery on the drive to the gallery was so different to earlier in the week. Now the rural countryside was covered in snow.

It was a fabulous experience painting surrounded by finished paintings on the wall. As so many people had commented on my snowdrops in watercolour at the Preview, I decided to develop an unsual wash to show how my paintings evolve. I don't always choose my subject before I start painting. Often my mood will effect which colours I select. And I will often  opt for a colour combination that may be the complete opposite of what others may choose, for a similar subject. Which is why bright orange and purple became the background for this snow drop painting which I will complete later in the week.

For those who were watching the demo, I have left that green corner in the foreground so far. If you remember, at first I wasn't impressed with this section but then later fell in love with the pattern that formed. And the contrast between the cold , dull area here compared to the warmer , more striking section at the top  of the composition.

I love demonstrating! I always go for the unexpected and have fun, taking risks and telling the audience I may not have worked with that colour way before. It worked beautifully here!

Please don't forget I will be demonstrating at Patchings Art Festival in June every day this year so  come along and enjoy  "exploring"  with watercolour.  I will have more to share by then!


A huge thank you to everyone who braved the bitterly cold  weather and snow to see me on Saturday!

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