Sunday, 3 March 2013

Pheasant Shooting

"Pheasant Shooting"
Copyright belongs to Jean Haines

Someone asked me recently if there was anything that I cannot paint. My answer is , I don't know because I haven't tried painting everything yet!  I have a wide variety of subjects in my exhibition at the Wey Gallery including some wonderful pheasants . And as a friend of my husband had asked me recently if I could paint a shoot scene, my artists mind leapt at the chance this afternoon.  I looked at the colours in the central well of my palette and they were perfect for my winter scene. I am delighted as the figure is already coming to life. Snow will be on the ground and I am going to love working this on a far larger painting.

I often meet artists on my workshops who tell me they can't paint boat scenes, or landscapes, or portraits. When I ask them if they have tried and they  reply that they haven't, I wonder how they know that they can't paint them?

Artist Tip : Have a go at painting everything,especially the subjects you think that you can't paint. They may just turn out to be your favourite and best subjects!

Happy Painting!


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Celia Blanco said...

This is a great post! I love your watercolor of a hunter, especially the soft edges.