Saturday 3 August 2013

Dogs in Art Gallery Stockbridge, Hampshire Fayre 4th August


Dogs in Art Gallery
4th August
Stockbridge, Hampshire. 

Tomorrow is the "Trout and About" Fayre in Stockbridge and the High Street will be full of fantastic stalls for this now famous annual event.  The  "Dogs in Art" Gallery will be holding a reception which promsise to be a wonderful occasion.  A few free tickets are still available from the gallery.

For full details contact the  gallery directly via this link and if you attend I will see you there!

"Reception and Private View, 12 noon to 2pm on Sunday 4th August
Drinks will be served and Jean will be present to give our guests a private viewing of the exhibition.  This is a private event for ticket holders only.  Space is limited and we expect to be oversubscribed so please contact the gallery asap if you would like to secure tickets.
The 4th August  is also our annual Food and Drink Festival so you will get to see Stockbridge at its best.  The High Street will be full of stalls laden with local produce and other delights.  Parking on the High Street is suspended that day but there is free temporary parking at either end of the village."

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