Sunday 11 August 2013

Scented Collection : Sweet Pea Florals 2013

" Pink Perfume"
Sweet Pea in Watercolour
Daniel Smith Watercolour "Opera Pink "

I love Summer! Who doesn't when there is so much that is fantastic to paint at this time of year. I am  also in love with the sweet pea flowers blossoming in my garden. Each day I pick a new posy for our cottage. I am quickly becoming addicted to painting them daily too. I am working with Daniel Smith Opera Pink at the moment which is a fabulous shade for creating roses and these delicate flowers.I first came across this shade when I was demonstrating at Patchings earlier this year. I was given a tube to try and fell instantly in love with it so it belongs on my list of "must have" watercolour products!

If you peered into my studio right now  you would see two smaller studies of sweet pea which look delightfully delicate, alongside a larger painting of them which was started working with giant sized free brush strokes. I am  having so much fun using my new personlised large wash brush as the tip makes beautiful patterns. Many perfect for specific subjects with little effort on my part as the creating artist.

 Scented Collection on my easel.
 The smaller flowers are created using my personalized size 10 Kolinsky Sable Brush for the sweet pea petals. I have used my  personalized Kolinsky Sable rigger for the tiny details at the edge  or centre of each flower.  The bigger  painting has been built up of brush marks by my new wash brush. All my brushes can be found on my web site online shop.

In my cottage garden I often sit admiring the sweet pea flowers  as they reach up towards the sky, with their fragrance filling the air.  They do bring back many memories of my childhood and Grandparents as they seem to be such an old fashioned flower. Maybe I need to find a company who manufactures perfume that is similar, as I really do love it so much. For now I am hooked on simply painting them over and over again.

Sweet Pea Blossoms formed in a small watercolour study

There is no better time to paint than when the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming.  It is relaxing and rewarding.  For now, I have to go outside and enjoy painting because it is far too nice to be on a computer!

Have a great day and happy painting.


I read a wonderful email this week from a reader in USA letting me know how much my blog means to them. What a fantastic message to read and if the sender is reading this post, a huge thank you to you for making my day!

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