Tuesday 3 September 2013

Three Wise Owls

Owls at various stages of evolvement on my Easel

I am now firmly engrossed in writing my new book. I sleep thinking about each new chapter and, like  a child, I race excitedly to my studio each morning to work on the paintings that I left the day before. I discard ideas that, to me, are  too similar to anything I have ever painted or seen before. But I keep step by steps that I believe will be fascinaing, achievable and  interesting to follow. I want my next book to be so highly inspirational that this effect,  from writing it, is already brushing off on me.

I  feel as though I am a juggling three professions.  I wear my "Author" hat when I write. I wear my "Artist" hat when I work on gallery exhibitions, which I am doing today. And of course I wear my "Mentor" hat when I am organising or taking workshops. I rarely use the word "teacher" because the majority of artists coming to me are very talented in their own right and are mainly in search of inspiration. New artists coming to me want someone to guide them into this fantastic world of watercolour. A world I relish with  a strong passion.

My day has seen me responding to artists in Australia asking about my return there in 2014. I have been organising  the final details on my watercolour  tour in USA which starts this October.  And I have been inundated with requests for places on my 2014 UK workshops. So much so that I have added an extra course for artists who have never been on my sessions before. 

Would I change my life? Not in a million years! 


2014 UK Workshop Update.

Information for my 2014 workshops in UK will be going out this Friday. There is still time to be added to my contact  list  if you email me on jeanhaines@hotmail.com  
Last year places filled very quickly, so please be quick when you recieve the details.

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Barbra Joan said...

Well here I am waiting for your first book as we speak and your already writing what I believe is your third..
I just tracked mine and it will be here tomorrow... Can't wait.. and looking forward to the others..
Barbra Joan