Tuesday 10 February 2015

Badgered !

 A pair of watercolours on my easel , badgers in nearby woodland

I am very lucky. I can walk in the evening to watch badgers at dusk. When Spring arrives and the weather improves this is a favourite pastime. Standing absolutely still and looking upwards to the mounds of earth where the badger sets are. The most magical sight is in moonlight, when the light dances along badgers backs giving them a heavenly appearance. Mystical and magical. On one occasion a badger stood silently staring back at me as if it knew I meant it no harm. That is still such an amazing memory. Feeling at one with nature and totally inspired by it.

I am still horrified that the UK government is intent on culling these magnificent creatures. I don't wish to turn my blog into a political forum but with so much evidence clearly indicating killing this protected species will have little impact on Btb. one has to ask why? I can only gather it is a useless exercise to win votes within the farming community. At the risk of losing votes from the high number of people totally against this cruel, mass slaughter.

But I'm moving away from my paintings in topic now. Please excuse me, but the usually gentle side of my character can easily get very angered when it comes to needless cruelty. The previous two years culls have proven to be inhumane. The latest fear is that badger cubs will be slaughtered next,as they are easier to target which doesn't bear thinking about. How ashamed I am of the people behind this action and decision.

But for now  badgers are appearing on my easel in a series of watercolours.  Outside my studio window the colours of the season are grey with a few autumnal hints still. Hence the use of orange and golds in my recent works.

 "Disappearing Badgers"
Given this title because in cull zones badgers are at risk of becoming extinct. No one has accurate numbers of the current populations and yet they are to be wiped out in large numbers

" Badgers Rights"
I strongly believe that animals have as much right to be on this planet as humans. In fact I am convinced the biggest danger to man is man himself, as he seems intent on wiping out  what was once here for all to enjoy.

I hope to get some cards printed if I can, to donate and sell in aid of a charity to protect badgers.

On that note. There are so many charities that need help and all artists can easily contribute in one way or another. You do not always need the charity to sell your art. I often sell work on my own and donate quietly behind the scenes minus making any huge announcements. Its' a part of my life that makes me feel as though I am giving back for all the pleasure that painting gives me. And to  the wildlife, without which many artists wouldn't be able to make a living from. Without its' beauty and inspiration.

Worth thinking about.

If you enjoy painting wildlife, help protect it via your art.



JD said...

These are wonderful, Jean. I too have been horrified at the culling. This is why badgers were the subject of my entry for the Blue competition. I'll try and do something else now, I'm not submitting mine after seeing yours! lol

Linda said...

How lovely!