Friday, 27 February 2015

Inspirational Workshops : February 2015

Sea Turtle coming to life in watercolour
February 2015 demonstration

Last week saw the first of my 2015 watercolour workshops and each day was absolutely brilliant.  Artists arrived early each day to set up for the session ahead and entered the teaching venue with a mixture of anticipation, excitement , enthusiasm and for some on the first day, sheer fear!

I think we, as professional artists, often forget how daunting attending your first workshop with someone you don't know very well can be. My teaching methods are slightly unique too but after the first introduction section of my courses everyone usually starts to relax very quickly and have fun. The excitement last week built up as days passed and by Friday I was very sad to see the week come to a close. Almost as quickly as it had started.

I could probably enjoy teaching every day but then my own painting would suffer. I need quiet studio time to enjoy painting too. By doing so I have more to offer each time my courses come around. It was terrific to know that everyone had a ball last week and there were also many memorable moments that will stay with me forever.

Like the moment I demonstrated painting a sea turtle in watercolour. A completely new subject to me that I found completely mesmerising. The resource image I was following for  information was gorgeous with sunlight playing on the turtles back and it shone with glowing colours making it seem vibrantly alive. As I love colour, I exaggerated these effects to enhance the beauty of the stunning subject.

I do believe if we constantly paint what we know our work can not only become repetitive but risks becoming boring too. Painting new subjects keeps me very much alive and enthusiastic as an artist and I frequently set myself new challenges.

Thank you to everyone who attended my courses last week. And for being so incredible.  I hope you are now painting up a storm which was the purpose of coming, to be motivated and inspired.

I am!

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