Sunday, 11 March 2018

Drops from Heaven : Snowdrops 2018

 Snowdrop paintings on my easel
March 2018

 I couldn't wait to race to my studio this morning to continue working on my paintings of snowdrops.
I left a first wash of a second snowdrop painting on my easel last night and completed the piece this morning. As seen below.

"Snowdrop Curtsies"

Then I continued adding detail to my favourite first snowdrop watercolour that I began and shared on my blog yesterday. Each small snowdrop flower is beginning to come to life in this piece.

Snowdrop Heaven

I have used Cascade Green by Daniel Smith for the foliage of these delicate flowers. The blue is mainly Cobalt Turquoise but I have added Iridescent Electric Blue for extra drama. It is such a gorgeous blue and works beautifully to enhance this scene.

I am so happy to be back in my studio at last. I have missed my quiet painting time whilst I have been teaching and travelling.

It really is so good to be home!


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