Saturday, 10 March 2018

Home At Last 2018!

Snowdrop wash, painted from plants in my garden

I am home at last after a very long tour which involved filming new DVDs, teaching ten watercolour courses in Florida, New Orleans and Hawaii which included four watercolour demonstrations.  I also gave interviews and attended book signing events. Behind the scenes I worked with my publishers on the final stages of my new book and the last proof I saw of it looked gorgeous. I am now in the process of judging a Russian watercolour competition so I am still hard at work but it is so lovely to be home. Back in UK and in my studio too.

The first thing I did on my return was wander around my garden to see what it is like after my long absence. There are clumps of primroses and snowdrops everywhere.

I couldn't resist applying colour for a first wash of snowdrops as seen above.

I can't wait to catch up, share my news and paint in my studio again. I have so many new ideas that I simply don't know where to start but start I will. And on Monday I hope my easel is covered with gorgeous washes and new ideas for paintings. 

And I will be able to add long overdue inspirational posts to my blog!

I am back.

I hope you missed me!



Denise Mallam said...

Welcome home...looking foreward to your inspiration....smiles.

Robin Edmundson said...

We DID miss you! Welcome home.