Tuesday 6 December 2011

December Challenge plus Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer!

Wacky Rudolf!

This is my Christmas Card to the owner of The Frame Gallery. They gave me a gift of a reindeer last Christmas so this year I am giving one back in my own style!

Happy Christmas Jan!

Thank you so much to everyone who tried to guess what my mystery painting was, I loved reading all the suggestions.

Now it's your turn!

Take one of your most unusual Christmas decorations and paint it, bringing it to life as  a Christmas card design. But don't stop there! The aim is to give it to someone who made you smile this year.

Have fun,be unique and aim to have a touch of craziness in your results.This is not a time of the year to restrict your energy or happinness from moving your brushes,

Have fun

I dare you!



corinne60 said...

I'd guess!

jill polsby said...

You tricky, tricky devil, you! A reindeer? Did anyone guess that? Darling painting, love your style. Happy holidaze ahead.