Sunday, 4 December 2011

October Watercolour Challenge 2012: Lion

It really is taking me a long time to look at the many paintings of lions forwarded to me for the October 2011 Watercolour Challenge and they are all,every single one of the entries superb!

I am finding it impossible to pick a favourite but wanted to share a few watercolours before I announce who forwarded the winning painting.

This first lion painted by Linda Cullen took my breath away when I opened it because of her superb use of the medium. She has taken my request for Autumnal colours into consideration and also seems to have caught the character and personality of the lion. His expression is priceless!

Congratulations Linda for being one of my favourite artists.

Superb Lion by Linda Cullen

Next I fell in love with a painting by Mo Teeuw. I adore the use of directional brushwork in the mane and the use of a cool blue to contrast in the background against the warmth of the lion as the subject. This is a brilliant painting.

Well done Mo and thank you so much for taking part in my challenge!

Beautiful Lion by Mo Teeuw



Lisa Argentieri said...

great work!

corinne60 said...

congratulations LINDA!
your lion is beautiful.......
félicitations LINDA,votre lion est magnifique........

corinne60 said... bravo aussi à à touts ceux qui ont participé!


What a fantastic drawings...Love them!