Friday, 30 December 2011

A Magical Eve

Bearded  Collies appearing from a first wash

It has been a wonderful week without a minute to spare to add to my blog. This time last week was the evening before Christmas Eve. I had agreed to paint a commision of two Bearded Collies months ago but hadn't given much thought to the paintings collection date. My client couldn't get to me  before Christmas Eve so a time was arranged for the pick up of the piece.

Christmas Eve morning arrived and like many mothers and wives from all over the world I was deeply engrossed in preparing for our Christmas meal the next day. My cottage was festively decorated in every room. Cards adorned every possible space from our wonderful family and friends who  are now dotted in countries far and near My heart was happy and I felt the giddy excitement  you would  expect from a small child about to see Santa  as if  for the first time. Heaven knows why I feel the way I do at this time each year but "annoyingly happy" probably describes me best!

I waited for the stranger who was buying the commission to arrive and wondered if he would like the watercolour.  He hadn't seen it yet. The doorbell rang and a tall man with a little toddler smiled at me as I opened the door to welcome them in.  The  cute little boy  was thrilled to see so many Santa ornaments  here and there in my hallway.  Luckily my client adored my painting  and we exchanged  in a friendly conversation before he left.  I learned that the toddlers Mum had given birth to a baby girl the night before  and was still in hospital. For reasons I won't explain publically I soon realised this was no ordinary family as  the love given to others over the years by my client and his wife was obviously endless.

Considering I had made my mind up to refuse any commssions over the last few months whilst my work load was so high I look back and realised why I took this one on. Something just made me instantly know I had to, as one of lifes instinctive moments in time.

My 2011 Christmas Eve was very special and my Christmas Day that followed was full of the family feelings that should be stirred at this time of year.

One week later I am sat  looking ahead to New Years Eve and wondering what that will bring. I know my year ahead is already filled to the brim with wonderful  events that I relish arriving, one after the other, throughout the year.

I have far too much happiness, luck and joy for one person. Life isn't fair in that way so my 2012 wish is to give as much happiness away as possible in whichever way that I can.

Starting with my wish for every blog reader that whatever you wish for, your own dreans come true and you achieve at least one impossible goal in the year ahead,because you can!


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