Saturday, 31 December 2011


" The A Team"
Filming complete on my new book

This morning I have shared several posts on my blog and while doing so looked back over last year. During the very last day of 2010 I had no idea how exciting 2011 was going to be. I knew I had so much to look forward to but I had no idea  a best selling DVD was going to be a highlight or that in so many ways my life would be  so rich via art and artistic friendships.

This moment in time sees a small Celtic artist trying to hide her inner excitement at the year ahead. Invitations are flooding in from all over the world to exhibit and hold workshops. And yes, on top of that wonderful bubble of  sheer happiness at a book being completed, there is also a little fear of it  about to be launched.  You see, it is a very special book and for the rest of my life I know I may never  write one quite like it again. I will be sad to let it go. That moment is nearing,when it becomes yours as well as mine.

I face a new chapter in my life and I face it with the respect for living and the knowledge each moment, yet alone day, we share on this earth is a privilege.

I am so very lucky. I looked at all the presents around my Christmas tree this year knowing without opening one, I wanted nothing. I looked at the love in my families faces over Christmas and understand I am one of the luckiest women alive.

Tonight know I leave a year that truly was amazing.

But my spirit tells me 2012 is going to be the very best of years. One to be enjoyed and treasured  for what it is possible  of bringing. With it doesn't just come hope, it heralds a whole new year of fresh white paper to be covered in vibrant exciting colour in ways  we hadn't believed possible before.

We are all capable of achieving far more than we believe we can.

I wish you a colourful year ahead that is rich in love , excitement and enthusiasm.
I wish you a year that is like a fresh piece of white paper, just waiting to be covered in memorable brushstrokes and happy memories.

And I am so thankful to be a tiny part of it.

God Bless you and



And this small message is to all  the wonderful friends and blog readers who have  personal reasons for not wishing to stay in 2011.

Yesterday has gone, yesteryear is disappearing and your tomorrows are about to arrive. 
I wish you , most of all joy.

At midnight your tears will wash away your sadness,and lead you fresh faced into a whole new year.

Hang in there, let go of  2011 and welcome 2012.

It's going to be a magical year.



Unknown said...

Jean Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us. We all wish you the very best. I fell in love with your work the moment I laid eyes on your Cockrel -Rooster to me. lol
Hope 2012 is the best year yet. Still would like to attend the Texas workshop. Have not heard from them. Hope it is not booked. Take care, big hug! Sally

notdefterimden said...

herkese mutlu yıllar..

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Happy New Year Jean, 2011 is the year I was one of the many buyers of your excellent DVD, and still pour over your book. I am an admirer not only of your work, but of the love of watercolor... you express the joy and wonder I feel with watercolor... it can be magical and frightening... but when it's good it is very good. I'm looking forward to your new book and wish you the very best in 2012... and thank you for the pleasure you brought to me in 2011.

Carole Pivarnik said...

I purchased your CD because I love your surprise, I love the DVD too! You approach watercolor with such low key, relaxing confidence and sense of whimsy. It is delightful and inspiring! I subscribed by email to your blog and very much enjoy your posts. Hope 2012 is even more amazing for you than 2011 was! I'm very much looking forward to your new book.

a woman who is said...

Jean, I have become a huge fan of yours this year. I was able to purchase your book and now I just finished watching your DVD that was my favorite Christmas present! I am anxiously waiting and hoping for the day I may attend one of your workshops in Seattle, Washington at perhaps Daniel Smith!!!! I must tell you the DVD was a tremendous help. To actually watch your work in progress makes much more sense to me now. I will go back and re read the book and give it a go. As a drawing teacher/oil painter, I have always wanted to just sketch with watercolors instead of all the fussy stuff I see. Now I think I have more of an inkling of how to start and go about that fun loose free experience. I am taking local water color classes that teaches me a lot of the fussy stuff. It's good and can be incorporated, but now I have more confidence to just let go and have fun. I am astounded by your preliminary watercolor sketching and how closely you work with water, not just the pigment. Well here goes to another new year of exploration for me. I do hope you will be having more video's coming out soon!!!!