Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Kingfisher in Watercolour

"Kingfisher Blue"

I have fallen in love. Please don't misunderstand me as I adore my husband and believe I am one of the luckiest women in the world to be married to such a great guy. But every now and then something will happen  in my studio that gives me the heady rush of what I can only describe as a teenager falling in love for the very first time or having their first kiss. Its' the most amazing of feelings.

This week I painted my first kingfisher and all of a sudden I can't stop painting them. They are so stunning. Of course, they suit me because they contain two of my favourite qualities for a magical composition. They have vibrant colour combinations including my favourite bright orange, and they move quickly. Finding the perfect blue has been interesting and today I settled on Scmincke "Helio Turquoise" which is gorgeous and now will be in all my horse racing scenes as well.

Working in my style, approaching new subjects all the time brings a happy energy into my life that is incredible. People ask me how I can do so much. I am almost like a child on a new adventure each and every day. I think that youthful energy flows into my studio and paintings.

I am so excited at the moment that I have to start a new painting straight away. My new collection of Kingfishers will be in a Summer Exhibition. More news on this later!



Unknown said...

Beautiful use of colour to make an unforgettable image.

GourmetPens said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I love the way you use watercolours.