Sunday, 30 June 2013

Wild Roses

Wild Roses
Developing in a watercolour study

The weather is wonderful and everywhere I look in the countryside I see gorgeous wild roses adorning the hedgerows. Yesterday I attempted my first walk with Bailey, my Bearded Collie, since my broken ankle accident. My wonderful husband  accompanied me as I am having to be really careful at this stage of recovery. I am slowly building up muscle around the  broken ankle but one slip could put me back by weeks. As my progress so far has been exceptional I am following Doctors orders of taking things very cautiously!

On our walk I noticed a cluster of roses perched on the top of one hedge. One branch had escaped and was wandering attractively down the side of an old oak tree. I have had visitors all week and my studio time has been restricted. So I spent a little time yesterday morning heavenly capturing the beauty of this delicate wild  flower. The problem is you really do have to paint these roses straight away as their petals fall when picked and carried home. They are great for teaching you as an artist how to observe from nature and use your brushes really quickly if you want to paint them from life.

I can't wait to paint them seriously but this means another walk with Bailey which will mean more strength to my ankle and my paintbrush!


Thank you to everyone who has sent me  emails  wondering where I am or how I am doing. I have wonderful exhibitions coming up where my work will be shown and will be sharing details very soon!


Nanette said...

This is just heavenly Jean.

Angela Fehr said...

Beautiful. I love wild roses and recently attempted to paint some. They grow everywhere in my home area in northern British Columbia. I think yours are more interesting than mine!