Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas Inspiration 2015 : Florine Porter

 "Striker O'Brien"
Original watercolour by Florine Porter 

 I must admit this has to be the best Christmas ever as I am continually oepning wonderful emails from artists and organisers of my workshops this year who are thrilled with the results of their paintings after attending my watercolour classes. I strongly believe there is absolutely no point in sharing your passion for art unless you can also enjoy the art of those you meet, whilst you are on or sharing your own journey.  So it is an absolute pleasure to share the gorgeous watercolours of Florine Porter. I  met this fabulous artist in St Louis where I held workshops orgainsed by the fantastically warm hearted and very professional Cindy Klatt.  This beautiful painting was forwarded to me by Cindy as Florine had shared her work via an email. I then contacted Florien asking permission to share her gorgeous work here on my blog. And so here it is and here are the two messages.

 Original message from Florine to Cindy about my workshop

"As I began a new painting Tuesday I reflected on what Jean Haines told us, begin with the eyes and nose.  That's where I began.  I got so much from the time I spent in her class.

Here is how it turned out!"

And the very kind message from Florine to me

Jean, I can't thank you enough for coming to St. Louis and sharing 
your knowledge with us. I was always nervous about painting people and 
animals. Before I began this painting I remembered your words, begin 
with the eyes and nose, and I did!
Florine Porter

Isn't this painting absolutely beautiful? 
Watercolour shining as a medium, 
captured expression, talent and a gorgeously beautiful result.

Well done Florina and thank you for not only sharing your painting with me 
but allowing others to see your work and words also. 
Hopefully you will inspire many with your kindness and talent.

Thank you!

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sunflwr1 said...

Fantastic Florine! I absolutely love it! So lucky to have been able to take a class with Jean, but I can tell there's already lots of talent there. :)