Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Inspiration 2015 : Phil Anderson

 Original Watercolour By Phil Anderson
Christmas Inspiration 2015. 
Phil has kindly given me his permission to share both his painting 
and his really wonderful message to me.
I have always believed there is far more to art than simply creating.
We touch peoples lives and can also help others. This is a wonderful email.

And again I am very grateful to be contacted, and mentioned in this way.

Thank you Phil.

Hi Jean, 
We previously exchanged a short email about painting demonstrations. 
I am located in Dublin, Ireland and I suffer from mental health illness. 
I have found a deep love of watercolor painting and I try various styles 
from different artists/writers.  I find painting is a great source of therapy for
me as it helps me to live in the moment and forget about other challenging 
matters.  I especially love your books and I paint some of your 
demonstrations over and over again, at times with a different twist. 
Recently I spoke as a service user at an exhibition in the mental 
health services hospital that I attend along with other speakers 
including Brent Pope, New Zealand, a renowned rugby commentator who 
is one of the ambassadors for the mental health services hospital.  I 
submitted two paintings to the exhibition, one of which is painted based
on a theme from one of your demonstrations - it is a semi abstract 
painting of a georgian door ... I use all kinds of different colours 
albeit I do not use cling film or sea salt (I think I am using the wrong
 paper type to truly get the desired effects).

To date and to my surprise I received 4 expressions of interest 
from people in the semi abstract painting. To date I 
have never accepted money for paintings and rather I asked people to 
simply donate to a charity of their choice. On this occasion though I 
will accept the monies and I would like to donate some of this money 
back to 'Walk in My Shoes' which is a charity for teenagers who suffer 
from mental health.  I will also spend some of the money on your DVDs so
 that I can learn more artistic techniques. 
I wanted you to know how much pleasure, therapeutic value and inspiration
that I get from watercolor painting especially from your books.  I also
wanted you to know that you are indirectly supporting a truly 
worthwhile charity.
 Yours in Art,

Phil Anderson

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Marla B., aka "Queen Bee" said...

How wonderful, Phil! You know, it is Jean's greatest wish that her students pass on what they've learned from her. I had the great fortune to take one of her 2-day workshops in Lewisburg, West Virginia, USA last October. In all my 60 years, I've never known another woman like her. Lucky for us, she made it quite clear how she developed all of her hard-found techniques and where she finds her inspiration. As a widely sought-after international instructor, artist and author, she continues to make a commitment to paint every day, first thing. Now this is a gal who loves her work. Thank you Jean . . . the methods you taught our group sticks solidly with me; it's redirected my painting techniques, but your kindness and grace will stay in my soul forever.