Thursday 17 December 2015

Christmas Inspiration 2015 : Mary Agostino

Original Watercolour by Mary Agostino

I have been asked so often what I would like for Christmas. Actually all I want for Christmas this year and next is for everyone I know to be happy and for everyones' dreams, no matter what they are to come true. This Christmas time I am opening and loving reading gorgeous emails following my 2015 workshops here in UK and from my tours in USA

Here is a gorgeous message from Mary Agostino who I met on my USA Autumn tour when I was teaching in Lewisburg, West Virginia this year. Mary is so talented. Her use of colour is brilliant and her way with the medium is fabulous. I have a feeling I will be seeing many more gorgeous paintings by Mare in the future. Here is Mares' message that she has kindly agreed for me to share.  Again, as in my last blog post this email is linked to selling art.  And letting go of favourite paintings. Mare purchased the koala painting from my latest book " Jean Haines World of Watercolour" which I found hard to part with for a variety of reasons, but I knew it was going to a wonderful home.  

I remember meeting Mares husband when I was in the lift at our hotel in West Virginia as we were all staying in the same place. He said " Hello Jean" and laughed when I was taken aback and surprised he had recognised me. He told me his wife loved my work. And then at the workshop I met this incredible lady in person. An artist who genuinely has talent and I know, to many more gorgeous paintings inside of her to share.


Mares message.

" That Feeling "

The other day you mentioned on your blog about people selling some 
work after your workshop. So I thought maybe you'd like to hear that I 
sold two paintings as well this month.  It's always very special to know
 someone appreciates a painting that you have done. It's also kinda sad.
 You know 'THAT FEELING'. It's like regret rolled up in remorse. You had
 expressed that to me as when you sold the Koala to me. You must know 
that I cherish it and love the pleasure I get when I look at it. I guess
 there's nothing to do to resolve that feeling. I think mostly I get it 
because when a lot of paintings go wrong , I think I'll never paint 
something so nice again. Well I hope that doesn't happen. There's also 
That Feeling when you do paint something wonderful and it Rocks!
 Ps. If it 
weren't for you I wouldn't be painting at all. It was the idea of 
working without a pencil and the atmospheric idea that spoke to me. Well
 yelled at me to paint.
Warm regards
Your friend,



I hope the atmospheric idea keeps yelling at Mare!

What a lovely email to read. 
I wonder how many artists new and professional get "that feeling" when they too
part with a painting that has gone really well or holds a special meaning to them.
Have you a story to share?  

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