Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Roses in Bloom 2015

Christmas Roses coming to life in watercolour 2015

Have you noticed how the blooms of Christmas Roses grow and face so many different directions? Their flower heads hang downwards, face upwards, sideways and hide behind other flowers. I wandered around my garden this morning and noticed a clump of these flowers were blooming beautifully in my cottage garden. Some of the flowers are brilliant white, some are a pale green, Others as they wilt and pass their best look almost ochre in colour.
I couldn't resist painting them so I have literally flooded a scrap of large old paper with colour just as a warm up and then searched to find a few blooms in the first wash, making negative edges bring each individual bloom to life.

I am having a ball and I am even forgetting I am getting over the flu!

Painting is so therapeutic. It can distract you from so much that is unpleasant in life and bring you renewed energy when you are tired if you work with great brushstrokes that are full of energy and life.

I loved letting go and painting for fun this afternoon.

And I am loving reading and sharing personal messages that have been sent to me by artists who have either read my books or attended my art demonstrations or workshops.

It is a magical Christmas season so far and I hope the magic continues!


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