Sunday 2 October 2016

Cats, cats and cats : 2016

 "Excuse me?"
Cat in watercolour 2016

Well before my world crashed recently I was painting feeling as though I had crossed a bridge in my style and techniques when painting in watercolour. It is only natural as an artist to fall a little when emotions knock you sideways and oh boy, they did when I had to face up to losing my best four legged friend  and faithful companion, Bailey.

But I have been telling myself off. And woke this morning determined to get back into my studio and paint. I also felt for all my blog readers who must be reading my posts dreading what is coming next from me, as I am usually so cheerful.

I am happy to say I did paint this morning. And more like me, the artist who loves colour and creating from her heart. In fact painting lifted my spirits because of the subjects I chose. I felt like painting animals but my heart wasn't in painting dogs. Not yet, but it will be after today. I can feel my spirits lifting gradually with each new brushstroke.

I chose cats as a subject today as I want to update my web site and my cat gallery page needs new art on it. 

Initially when I started painting the "grey sky mood" from yesterdays blog post was still very much in my soul. So my first cat painting was in grey. Seen above and below.


I gave this painting the title " Excuse Me?".  As I was rather amused by the expression of the cat. It looks as though it has been disturbed and is absolutely disgusted that anyone would dare do so. It is regal and is created by very soft watermarks for fur. I enjoyed painting this so much that I aimed to copy and repeat my first cat watercolour but with a body next time. Which is a bit of a feat as there is only a head and shoulder shot to work from at the moment in my studio.

I also knew I had to move away from working in grey colours. When you are feeling sad its' easy to opt for working in shades that match your mood. But if you stay with these shades for too long your spirits will fall even lower than they already are.

I chose to work in warm golden shades for my next painting and instantly my soul started to feel that familiar sense of soaring.  No matter what anyone says or tells you. Painting is good for the soul. It is therapeutic and can change how you feel better than any medical tonic as far as I am concerned. I painted the same cat face shape in my new piece but with new colour options and then added a body from my imagination. I am trying to stop before I add feet and a tail too. I love what has happened so far. And as my mood is lifting so are the eyes in this new watercolour. They are brighter, happier, more cheerful and the expression seems far more relaxed. 

Oh how our moods effect our painting results!

 "Absolutely Darling"
Gold shades bring sunshine and warmth to my new cat watercolour

If you look at the two paintings side by side on my easel below you can almost feel my brushwork begin to relax as my newest cat painting gradually comes to life.

Two new cat paintings in watercolour, coming to life on my easel.

I am feeling better today and my brushwork shows that I am. I have so much news to share and I am now back on my blog. And very grateful to the wonderful friends I have here who are helping me get back into my usual way of living. Happily via my brush.  Not forgetting Bailey, but happy at the years I have been lucky enough to share with him. I will paint him at some point. Right now for that watercolour my heart isn't quite there yet. It will be. But not yet.

Happy painting.



YvonneM said...

Hello Jean

I was lucky enough to come to one of your workshops in April 2014. I live in the SW of France, so bringing my paints, etc was a little arduous, but very worthwhile. I love your painting style and bought one of your paintings (a golden retriever) whilst there. I was so very touched after reading your message about Bailey. We lost our gorgeous Lucy, a beautiful long-haired cat, earlier this year. To a certain extent, time is a healer, but the love and adoration our pets give us is so very special and will be with us forever. Your two cat portraits are beautiful and the grey cat reminds me a little of Lucy.

You are an inspiration to all budding artists and your books and DVDs have helped me to improve my watercolour painting enormously. Thank you so much.

Yvonne Machin

Rose Croft said...

Hello Jean
So pleased you are "back". I've missed you and so enjoy reading your blog each day.

Rose Croft

New Zealand