Thursday 6 October 2016

Roses in Watercolour 2016

"Summer Scents" 
Roses in watercolour 2016

I have just completed the above painting of the last of my summer roses in my cottage garden.  I absolutely love these beautiful blooms that have given such a gorgeous display all summer long.

I know my " How To Paint A Rose in a Loose Style" has been a favourite blog post for so long now. Which is why I have demonstrated painting roses like the above in my new DVD " Watercolor Flowers" 

 I really dread seeing the last of Summer, it means the last of my summer flower painting for a while as I love to sit outside to create my new paintings of each flower as it opens and evolves through each day from bud to full bloom to even the wilting stage.

I will be taking this particular painting with me on my USA tour.

But if you would like to paint flowers like this you can watch how I create them on the clip of my new DVD via the  link below.

Happy painting!


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