Monday 3 October 2016

Cattadiction : 2016

 "Kitten Love"

Okay. I need to put my hand up and confess I have become addicted to painting cats. Hence the title of this blog post "Cattadiction".  If you haven't caught this addiction yet do not, I repeat do NOT start painting cats. One painting leads to another as you strive to reach purrfection. This from the artist who believes there is no such thing as perfection. You can always improve as an artist. In fact you can always improve as a human being too. No matter who you are.

So today I came into my studio and loved seeing what I had left on my easel last night. I quickly did a warm up wash using golds. But then looked at the grey cat I painted recently. I liked it and wondered what it would have looked like as a kitten. So I have given my model a " facelift" and knocked off quite a few years by aiming for cute and cuddly in this new painting of exactly teh same cat. Now the title of my new painting is " Kitten Love".  And who doesnt't love kittens? Actually my husband John isn't too keen on kittens. He thought our two were really destructive. They were. My first ever kittens and I rather naively said out loud " They will grow out of it ".

They didn't. 

Two ripped arm chairs, a scratched leather settee, many ruined sweaters and several years later I still love our now fully grown cat Biscuit but we lost Buster to Cancer earlier this year. Can I face owning new kittens? Probably not right now, but I love painting them.

This is what my easel looks like this afternoon , seen below, and my cat gallery on my web site is beginning to look a lot healthier too! As my new paintings have been added although these will be kept for a show collection for the time being.

The three amigos!

Below you can see the warm up wash I created,which I will work on now as it is quite interesting. Believe it or not I was trying out colours for ginger cats!

Three amigos and a wash!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring subject wise! 


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Unknown said...

Love them, Jean......they all look so alive! And, love seeing you enthused about painting again!
Hugs to you, Bette