Tuesday 4 October 2016

New : Jean Haines DVDs filmed in USA!

 I have been so busy that I haven't had time to share the wonderful news that my DVDs filmed earlier this year in USA are now available to purchase or download and I am thrilled with them. The film studio was fabulous and the filming crew so professional.

This is my series of four new DVDs and each one was so much fun to create


Watercolor Animals
This DVD takes you from painting eyes as a starting point to building up a whole subject. 
A favourite!

 Watercolor Flowers
Who doesn't enjoy painting flowers? A fabulous new DVD just on painting one of my favourite subjects!

 Watercolor Workout
If you can't get to one of my workshops please buy this DVD and work through all my favourite workshop warm up exercises. No stress painting that will improve your skill and techniques while working in watercolour in a fun ,easy to understand, approachable way of learning and improving.

 Watercolor Mindfulness
This DVD goes with my latest book " Paint Yourself Calm". This film shows you how to relax whilst painting. It also makes you think about what you are doing when creating. A lovely film. 

You can buy these films from Northlightbook.com or ArtistNetworkTV.com

They are also available to download! 

I loved creating them and sharing my favourite ways to work in watercolour and I hope you like them too!

Happy painting.



a woman who is said...

Thank you for sharing because I have been scanning that place looking for your videos since June. Yeah can't wait <3

Sue said...

I'd love to buy one or more of these, but I'm not happy to pay in dollars which seems the only option. I'm hoping that a British distributor will be offering them at some point.