Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Blluebell Woods 2017

"A Path of Blue"
Bluebell wood painting as a work in progress. 
 At the end of every day I paint something just for fun. I usually take a scrap of paper, literally throw colour on it and later try to make a painting out of it.
Today I chose bluebells as my subject and threw suitable colours all over a piece of paper. I chose yellow, green and turquoise shades for the first wash. As soon as this was dry I started placing bluebells in the foreground, adding tiny details as necessary  to make the painting look like  a woodland scene with larger flowers in the foreground. 
I am now gradually adding the bluebell detail in the distance and the piece is already looking quite charming.  I have to confess this painting is really annoying me as I have taken very little time on it and it is turning out beautifully. Where as the paintings I have been labouring over look gorgeous but don't quite match the freedom in this piece. We do try so hard as artists at times to create masterpieces when  sometimes, just playing with colour and experimenting in a relaxed mood can lead us to far better results.

I am loving painting these bluebell woodland scenes. This one may be my new favourite!

"A Path of Blue"
Bluebell wood painting as a work in progress. 
With bluebells beginning to appear in the distance.
Artist tips of the day
1) Try painting something that you know is aimed at ending up in the trash . Relax have fun and see what happens.
2) Choose a subject, throw colours on paper that match it then see if you can turn the colours into a finished piece.
3) Forget everything serious in life and just paint! 


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