Thursday, 13 April 2017

Never Give Up

"Violets Too"
Copyright Jean Haines

I loved painting the violet gift I was given yesterday. So much so that I started my day by painting another version of the same piece. My wonderful friend Christine had shown me two varieties of violets in her garden. The darker, more domesticated variety which is larger than the pale wild little violets that grow on the countryside verges around here.

These smaller violets are a more delicate hue and quite complex to paint with their tiny petals.

Today I looked again at what I had painted yesterday and attempted the same painting with the pale little wild violets as my subject. I loved what happened as soon as this little study appeared on paper. With very little effort my subject was there. Minus pencil lines. Minus all the little details. This is a vase of violets. It is far more delicate than yesterdays' painting and I love it. I don't think you can get the real feel of this piece on line but off screen it is gorgeous.

It made me think about all my workshops this year and some things I kept repeating when teaching my classes.

1) Don't always try too hard. 
2) Over thinking can kill a painting.
3) Never give up! 

In my relaxed state this morning a natural painting occurred of a simple little flower and a new memory was created of a fabulous painting day.

Whatever you are working on, enjoy it, relax and let the colours flow to tell the story simply and beautifully.

Happy painting!



Unknown said...

I love this version of the violets so much more than the first. It's very evocative.

Bright Road said...

Oh, these are wonderful! !