Friday, 7 April 2017

Primroses 2018

 "As Soft as a Whisper"
Work in progress
Primroses from my cottage garden

Spring is here. My garden is full of spring flowers and where ever I look there is incredible inspiration.

I am handling so much at the moment. Future tours, exhibitions and writing my new book. Life is full, rewarding and rich with the joy from  having so much to do.

Today I set up my garden painting table by a cluster of primroses that are in full sunshine. Their petals are so pale. Delicate and soft. They seem to tumble down  in such a beautiful way. A natural floral arrangement and a perfect composition.

Below is the beginning section where I am making a few  individual flowers work, before adding the rest.

I am loving being in my cottage and  finally having time for just me to paint for my own personal enjoyment. 

Life is grand!

 Primrose detail

Artists Tip for the day?
Go out!

1) Get away from your computer and make an effort to see something beautiful. Something that will make you want to paint.

2) Do it and don't ever regret wasting a minute where you could have created something wonderful.

3) These primroses will be gone from my garden soon. I need to make the best of them being here.  Think about what you have, near you,  to paint as a subject that too may disappear if you don't paint it while you can!


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