Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Spring Fever 2017

"Spring Fever"
The lightest of touches bringing flowers to life in watercolour
Work in Progress

"Where are you?"

"Your blog has gone quiet "

"What are you working on?"

"When are you teaching next? "

So many questions are in my email inbox. And I do need to reply to them all. Where am I? Well I am working in my studio and having a fantastic time painting. My most recent work carries the enthusiasm I brought home with me from energising New Orleans ( I haven't been the same since my workshops there which is why I am going back ) and the brilliant warm sunshine and enthusiasm I was welcomed by in Florida. Places on my workshops there are filling up fast for 2018. In fact one location in Florida has already sold out for February next year. I will write  a blog post on my workshop sin 2017/2018 soon with full details on who to contact for places including one fantastic new location in Hawaii! Yes, Hawaii! So very exciting. You heard it here first and this location will open for bookings shortly.

My blog has gone quiet because I want to paint. I know from my recent trip and workshops that my enthusiasm has hit an all time high but it isn't just that. I have had light bulb moment after light bulb moment. In the past, because I was teaching so much, I never had my own personal time to grow as an artist and use this fantastic energy in my work which is leading me to fabulous new approaches with my style. I suppose at this stage on my blog post I should warn anyone who has already booked a workshop with me for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 to be ready for some highly addictive new colour combinations and ideas! I am on a roll as they say.

I am also receiving so many invitations to teach in gorgeous venues.  Mainly USA at the moment but if anyone in Ireland or Scotland fancies hosting a Jean Haines event could you let me know please? I am fully booked in 2018 but I am looking ahead to 2019. 

What am I working on? A new book and wow it looks amazing! My publishers came to my home last week for the first meeting here . I showed them the paintings and the theme throughout the whole book and I am thrilled because they loved it. Like  me, they can't wait to see it launched next year but it will take a lot of time to complete which is why I will be quiet from time to time. I really want to do justice to the artists who inspired me in my art journey so this book is important to my heart and soul. And its the reason I will not be at Patchings Art Festival this year. I want to work consistenlty without losing the writing flow, or positive creative energy.

My next courses will be in Norway in summer of this year. Now that's a surprise isn't it but details will be confirmed this week. I am letting the " cat out of the bag" by mentioning it!

And if time allows, yes there might be a surprise workshop in UK too, details of this will be on my blog later. I am missing teaching here and our cottage garden looks so lovely that bringing everyone back after class is something my husband and I both love. It adds to our year so watch this space!

I am useless at keeping secrets!

Back to work for me. My tour locations need my bio, course descriptions and images before they can advertise my  workshops on their web sites yet so many bookings have flooded in that these events will be sold out before they are promoted it seems. I have to admit, I am now finding it really hard to keep up with myself. I need two of me lately!

Happy painting!



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laura said...

I always love your daffodils! Mine are so stiff, comparatively--must try a more wet technique!