Tuesday 6 May 2014

Filming my next New Book : Launch 2015

 Atmospheric Watercolours
by Jean Haines

I had no idea how exciting  the launch of my book "Atmospheric Watercolours" was going to be. From the initial launch at the Mall Galleries in London so many wonderful book signing events have taken places all over the world including  Europe, Australia, USA and Mexico. I find it incredible and overwhelming that invitations are still flooding in for me to hold international workshops with bookings now leading me into 2017. 

I have always wanted to write a book to share my passion for watercolour and my first  cautious dip into being an author was a comission by Winsor and Newtion to write  " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" . Following the interest in this first book and my loose style, my dream of writing a hard back book came true but my expectations on whether or not it would be enjoyed were really taken aback, by the way it  became a best seller. I am really the most passionate  person when it comes to working in watercolour and to be openly honest, all I wanted to achieve was for others to love painting as much as I do.

A dream come true. Holding a copy of my book "Atmospheric Watercolours" at the Mall Galleries in London,  where a book signing event took place to celebrate its' launch

Following the launch of " Atmospheric Watercolours" I have been invited to tour USA and have held sold out book signing events there. My first trip was to New York and Texas. Last year I returned to USA to hold further workshops in New York , then I held workshops for two art societies in Texas followed by a workshop in Mexico. I also  held a book signing workshop in Brisbane , Australia which will be followed by an Australian tour this year which includes destinations of  Adelaide, Sydney, Tasmania and Brisbane again.  All sessions are fully booked.  Each international workshop has been sold out twelve months in advance and my own workshops in UK are also booked up within weeks of each years dates being released. My new book signing ,2015 tour of USA includes California, St Louis, West Virginia, New York and Washington DC. These dates will be released later this year.

 Signing books at the Art League of Long Island, New York

Recently my book "Atmospheric Watercolours"  was translated into Italian which led to my watercolour masterclass taking place in Italy this year at Arte Umbria.

 Italian tranlsation of "Atmospheric Watercolours"

So after a whilrwind of events all over the world , I have been quietly writing a third book on watercolour which is full of tips, techniques, demonstrations and many new subjects. I can't believe it is the time when I have to leave home yet again to film the step by steps already.  Today I am really excited.  I meet with my publishers in the morning and it will be a full week ahead of  discussions, design layout meetings and my painting under the camera recording each brushstroke to be shared in my new book. I already have a tour planned in USA next year and a wonderful launch arranged in UK. As soon as information is available on how to pre order a copy I will be sharing the news here.

For now though, I owe the biggest thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of my books. I had no idea if they would sell, and had my fingers crossed that they would. I think the latest figures were up to 20,000 sales internationally for " Atmospheric Watercolours" but I will check tomorrow. 

Thank you and I am trying really hard to make my new book, one full of surprises and information, plus tempting things to paint!

The launch will be in 2015.

 With the filming team for "Atmospheric Watercolours" 
Its a wrap!


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