Tuesday 6 May 2014

Florence: Italy 2014

Florence 2014

Following teaching my weeks  Watercolour Masterclass course  in Umbria, I visited Florence. As our Wedding Anniversary was last week , my husband and I decided to add a few extra days to our time in Italy to enable a dream of seeing Florence to coem true and it was beautiful. We spent last years anniversary with me in hospital in Australia, as I had broken my ankle whilst teaching workshops there.

I am happy to share the news that this years anniversray was a great success as we dined in a gorgeous restaurant in the heart of Florence, after a fanastic visit to hear Gregorian chants,following  a roof top view of Florence and a tour around the many wonderful sights.

My blog has been very quiet as I  was soaking in the inspirational atmosphere.

All I want to do on my return home is paint but I have even more excitement to look forward to this week. Filming of my next book starts tomorrow!


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