Monday 19 May 2014

Summer in My Studio 2014

Sweet Pea in Watercolour on my easel.

Summer seems to have arrived and  flowers are blooming in my garden. Not Sweet Pea as its too early. Luckily though, I was given a beautiful gift of a posy of lilac coloured sweet pea by a friend and I couldn't resist painting them. I find my best ideas come from life in that I would never have thought of painting these flowers all in the same colour. In my garden I grow a variety of  shades each year. As they climb the pea sticks during the summer months, from a distance all I can see is a gorgeous  fusion of  merging colours

In the vase these flowers are curving at an angle, which also helped me  paint a different composition. The light through the window where they are sitting really indicated how I could utilise the white of my paper.

Its' incredible how one small act of kindness from a friend can lead to a whole new collection of paintings.  I may take this piece to Patchings as I have my own marquee there this year as well as being invited as a Celebrity Guest Artist for St Cuthbert Mill.

If you would like to see me demonstrating, please visit Patchings . 
You can find more details via this link.

I will be happy to sign books. 
I will also have my books, DVDs, cards,brushes and original paintings for sale.

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Unknown said...

Nice post indeed.The painting is very beautiful.I m natures lover so I get attracted to natures painting/ photography like magnet.All the best for ur future endevours.keep writing:)