Wednesday 14 May 2014

Dreaming of Italy : Venice in Watercolour

 Dreams of Venice
Work in Progress

My recent trip to Italy, where I taught a Watercolour Masterclass, followed by a trip to Florence has really inspired my latest paintings. I am definitely seeing colour differently for my landscapes and the romantic atmosphere from Florence is seeping into my results.

The light on my latest painting of Venice is attracting me, as the artist. I can feel the sun hitting the architecture and the "mood" within this painting carries an amazing feeling of happiness.  

Even after all the years I have been painting, I am still totally in love with how watercolour reacts when pigments merge and are effected by application of water. Simple touches make dramatic differences leading to unbelievable outcomes. The tiniest of dots, or lines, all of a sudden play a huge role in pulling the painting together  during the creative process.

I have demonstrations and workshops to look forward to. Landscapes will be featuring!

  Close up of a section where statues amid gorgeous architecture will be placed in the next stages. 
This painting will be in my next exhibition.


I will have scenes from Italy in my next exhibition at the 
Dogs in Art Gallery, Stockbridge, Hampshire 
From 14th June. 


My first book "How to Paint Colour and Light" has a similar painting of Venice on the cover.

Signed copies are available from my web site


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Anne Marieke said...

Love everything about it. Venice is a magical place.