Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fox in Watercolour

A Fox appearing in Watercolour
Painting 1.

I have so many paintings I need to complete. Also two magazine features need writing and I am working on a solo exhibition at the Wey Gallery in March.  And I am having problems getting an art consignment delivery to a gallery in Devon due to bad weather. So you would imagine I would head for my studio today and carry on with everything that obviously is a priority?


This morning I looked out of my window and saw the most beautiful sight. Here it is.

Fox in our garden this morning. Friends who visit won't recognise the scene as he is standing on what should be our lawn but now covered in heavy snow.

We have had very heavy snow yesterday and our grass is now all covered with a white blanket. I watched mesmerised as the fox , who nows visits daily for food , walked across the lawn to the waters edge. He almost posed as I took his photo. He is getting very tame and allows me to get quite near.

I have tried so hard to put him out of my mind as I had so much work to do but I couldn't. Which is why I found myself  painting him this afternoon.The first stage where the fox is slowly coming to life is at the top of this page. I have several images to work from so tomorrow I will be racing to my studio to work on him further and continue bring him to life.

As an artist it is so imporatnt to paint when the mood catches you and paint whatever your heart screams for you to  create, in whatever medium you love.

For me its' obviously watercolour!

Fox WIP from another photographic image from this mornings scene.

I think foxes are my new favourite subject!

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Nanette said...

Oh Jean, he is fabulous...both the photo and the painting. What an exciting subject. Thanks for sharing.