Monday, 14 January 2013

Painting Primroses: Spring 2013

Primrose Step by Step in Watercolour

 Choosing Colours of Springtime

I really didn't think I would make it to my blog today as I had so much to do. First, I knew I needed to complete my catalogue for my exhibition in Devon at the end of this month. Next I had to deliver artwork to be framed for my show in Godalming. The collection is large  so it is taking time to  complete.

 The weather  today here saw snow and sleet making the roads difficut to manoeuvre,visibility was awful. But I managed to get there and back in one piece so here I am.  And I promised to share how I paint primroses on my blog this week, so I hope someone is eagerly waiting for me to share my technique.   If you are reading this, it could be you!

We are going to take a simple wash like this to the next stage of finding flowers in it.
 First stage wash for primroses
Not quite as easy as it looks but I have tips to share!

I am lucky in that I have real primroses flowering in my garden at the moment so I will share mine with you for this exercise and step by step. 

In the next image you can see how I matched the colour of the real flower with colours selected for my painting of them. That yellow isn't  easy to achieve either. Again I have a few tips to share!

Colour matching  to make the subject seem more alive.
(Real flower placed alongside my wash to show how true the colours chosen are.)

Tomorrow we will look at the  materials you will need, as in paper and fabulous shades  to work with, then we will begin!

Be ready and as a tip please think of Spring in your imagination and all the colours you "think" you see for that season and lets' see if we can bring them alive!

I will start by sharing the products and colours I use and how to create the first wash and stages to  almost feel the subject in the first stages.

Roll on tomorrow!


Brotesdeternura said...

Many thanks for your "step by step" and for sharing so many nice things that happen in the back of your world of watercolors, through your books, blog, facebook, twitter, Jean. I once read a statement that said: "Rate whom you dedicated your time. 's Giving you something she can never recover"- Your generosity to those who are far shows how "big" you are. Thanks for your time talented. Grace

Michelle Morris said...

Jean, while my style is different, I've tried to incorporate some of your movement and spontaneity in my paintings lately. I've found it quite helpful and am finding a style that is more my own than ever! Thanks for sharing techniques and vision. I look forward to growing more with you.