Sunday, 13 January 2013

Snowdrop Glow

 Snowdrop Glow

 It is a wonderful Sunday. The light today has been incredible. I had promised myself a break,  intending to stay out of my studio, to enjoy the  unexpected sunshine. I just couldn't resist dropping into my haven to see whats on my easel and possibly paint primroses which are playing on my mind. I can't wat for the first of the Spring flowers to bloom this year. After writing "Atmospheric Watercolours" and "How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour", my own chapters previously written are strongly playing on my mind. I keep thinking of why I paint floral subjects in the way that I do and how my style has evolevd over the years. I want to experimant further and aim, as always, to paint flowers in a way that breathes life into the  completed compositions. That is my way and now, how I am known as an artist.

Walking into my studio I was faced with the painting of  snowdrops that I started, and reluctantly left to complete. Th epainting looks beautiful as it has a soft glow reminding me of the sunshine outside and all the colours yet to come this year.

This is a terrific way to start 2013, looking forward to exhibitions, writing my next book and  knowing I will be meeting so many new friends when I take watercolour workshops in UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Texas and New York this year.

For now I just want to paint quietly and enjoy the freedom of doing so on a peaceful glorious Sunday!

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