Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Wey Gallery Exhibition and Demonstration March 2013

Venice coming to Life
Architectural Watercolour

I am currently working on a  watercolour collection for my show in Godalming at the Wey Gallery this March. My solo exhibition will open on Friday 22nd March with a Private Preview. On Saturday 23rd March,  I will be giving a demonstration at the gallery, covering subjects in my way of approaching a watercolour.

This particular show is going to be a major 2013 event with many favourite subjects included in my new collection. There, as always, will be a few surprises. In recent years red dots have appeared very quickly at the  gallery openings,especially over the first few days. Please visit early if you are interested or call the gallery directly if there is a piece you may be looking for . There is a new "Lucky Hare"  and I honestly can't wait to see all the paintings displayed.

If you re interested in the Preview or the Demonstration  please give the gallery a call for full details.

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