Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013: A Year Full of Colour!

Old Holland Watercolours

I have had a fantastic day in my studio working on a new collection for a major solo exhibition. It has been wonderful working minus the distraction of the Christmas Season and I have some really fascinating pieces on the go.Which means tomorrow morning I will be racing back into my studio to continue working on them.

I was on Twitter earlier today and was asked if I ever use Old Holland Watercolours. The answer is definitely YES!! I love them. I was first introduced to one of my favourite shades when I was teaching a workshop in Norway a few years ago. If you haven't tried "Golden Barok Red" you truly are missing out as it is a sensational shade. I love these watercolours because they interact so well, have fabulous  fluidity when needed and  give me the vibrant results I  am so in love with.

So my first tip of 2013 is to try new colours. Discover brand new favourites and always be on the look out for something that will be  not only a pleasure to work with but give you that heady feeling of excitement when working with something new.

I would love to hear your favourite discoveries in colour so please share if a shade has knocked you for six and inspired you!


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Vandy said...

What a stunning red, Jean! It looks absolutely scrumptious. Thanks for the tip. I'll be putting them on my list for my next art shopping spree.