Friday, 4 January 2013

Glow Magazine Interview January 2012

 My blog falls quiet when I have  many projects on the go and I am so sorry that it does. Finding time to juggle so much that  is happening in my life isn't easy these days! Behind the scenes I have been communicating with USA, Australia, Italy and Hong Kong regarding future watercolour workshops and book signing events. I am also working on a major solo in Spring this year.

A short while ago I was approached and invited to be a guest artist for Glow Magazine. I agreed to an interesting interview with Angela Woods. I find it completely fascinating, reading questions raised when these opportunities arise. This particular interview honestly did make me stop and think about how my art career started and why I feel as passionate as I do about sharing my love of watercolour. So if you have time to read this, maybe grab a cup of coffee and catch up with what I have been doing,who I am and why I paint via this frank and honest feature.

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Brotesdeternura said...

Jean. What a beautiful interview! As warm and clear as your watercolors. Thanks for sharing it with those who are far ... but also very near. Grace