Friday, 25 January 2013

Exhibition Updates

Exciting Horse Race Scene on my easel

I have had some wonderful emails asking me where I am as my blog has yet again fallen quiet. There is  so much going on and some  really exciting news to share but I have  had to focus on my painting as I am working on my solo show at the Wey Gallery which opens in March. I have  been to my framers so many times with wonderful new pieces as part of this ever growing exciting collection builds for my favourite time of year.

Often new artists imagine painting for a show means just that. Creating pieces to be put on display. But behind each new collection is a large amount of  work that involves taking photographs of every piece, choosing the right frames, measuring each painting, deciding on titles and prices.All the details have to be accurate for the gallery catalogue and my artists files.

So at the moment I have been  in communication with three galleries as my show in Devon has just opened. My show in Surrey opens in March and I will also be showing racehorse scenes in Cheltenham that month.

Here is my exhibition schedule for Spring.

The James Gallery
Jan-April 2013
A watercolour collection, solo show by
Jean Haines
Budleigh Salterton

"Essence of an Artist"
Major solo show with a variety of subjects.
The Wey Gallery
Opens March 22nd with a Private Preview
Watercolour Demonstration March 23rd

 The Montpelier Gallery
Race Horse Paintings as part of a group show.


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Marla B., aka "Queen Bee" said...

I absolutely LOVE your painting style! Juicy, intense colors with an observing eye to the white of the paper.....the best!

I fully understand all the footwork, bookwork, stress, money, and deadlines that come into play - typically on the tail end of all the productive "most fun" time. I wish you all the time and help you need as you prepare for this upcoming busy season!

All the Best,
Marla Brumbaugh
Watercolor & Mixed Media
Ohio, USA