Sunday 14 November 2010

Birth of a Christmas Card

Winchfield Church 2010
Beginning of a Christmas Card Design

 Last night I went to a charity event which was held to raise funds for our local church at Winchfield. The evening was well attended by the local community and dancing went on until late. I looked around the room  at people who had been friends for years, recognising friendly faces who I have known ever since returning to UK from abroad. It is a wonderful feeling knowing you belong somewhere, have roots and neighbours who share lifes ups and downs. Having moved so many times over the years from country to country I imagine this is more important to me as a picture I observe more than most.

In history a church in every village creates stability, a centre where the  community gather to worship, celebrate births, loss and unions. A congregation is to me almost like a watercolour. You will find the quiet people who silently go about their day whilst others maybe are more colourful characters. Just like the variety of pigments I use each having their own quality but when they interact they form a beauty which isn't there when they stand alone.

Last year I painted a Christmas Card design to raise funds for Winchfield Church and I was delighted to hear the cards sold out in the lead up to a special time of year for all christians. This years card is about to be released and launched.  At the charity auction last night I was very touched to witness my painting raise a wonderful bid in the list of prizes. I also know this painting will bring happy memories to the owner who now lives abroad.

Sunday is always  a good day  for reflection. I have been asked many times why I choose to donate to certain charities. More often I am asked specificially why donate to smaller non publicised ones. The attitude often seems to be that there is nothing in it for the donating artist. I must admit these kinds of comments appall me.

Life isn't about what we get every time we do something. Nor is it always about recognition as gained from the more well known and larger prestigious charities who feature prominently online or in the press. It is about giving,quietly and from the heart.  About achieving good in any way possible and making others around you feel happier. Rather than  look at what we get personally by an action we should look at how others benefit by it. I did last night and will do on many more occasions in my life.

So I won't be in the press for donating this painting nor will it be a hugely known fact or celebrated. But when I laid my head on my pillow last night the feeling I had in my heart was priceless.

At the end of the day this is what counts.

My soul,my spirit and my heart which beats to wonderful music.

The music of love.



Jo said...

Jean, I so agree with you on donating works of art to benefit charity. It makes my heart sing. I never think of getting anything out of it and I too would have been offended by that comment. I know the item I donated is in a home that really wanted it and that makes me smile a lot. I too rest my head on my pillow at night knowing I gave it my all. Joanne

devotedmomof7 said...

Jean, excellent painting and excellent deed. I say it again and again, but your skill at portraying something while choosing and omitting so beautifully is amazing.