Friday, 7 February 2014

Glorious Colour : Foxgloves 2014

Foxgloves from a new painting for an upcoming exhibition

Goodness, how I can get carried away with colour! I loved the depth of my snowdrop painting from yesterday and couldn't help wondering how dark I could work on a composition of foxgloves. They grow in a woodland section of our cottage garden. I remembered one particular flower from last year that was so heavily laden with individual bells, all on one gigantic stem. It appeared to be leaning forward  with the other foxgloves standing tall behind it , in the background.  I can remember placing a tube of Opera Rose next to the real flower in daylight and it seemed to match the colour perfectly . This morning I have experimented taking the  surrounding area as dark as I dare without losing the impact of the gorgeous , pink flower in front.   I am gaining a sunshine effect in the background from the addition of Cadmium Yellow as a wash. In between the flower stems and underneath,my main flower stem  I am using an almost neat application of Perylene Green to give depth to this  composition.

Dark against light is a wonderful combination for adding drama to a watercolour, especially when working with such vibrant shades as Opera Rose. I now need to define a few indidviual bell shapes and add the well recognised dots of the foxglove markings and then this piece will be complete. I'm so enthusiastic that I want to start working on a new painting immediately because this creation has been so delicious as an experiment. With vibrant colour combinations.

I feel as though I am leaping ahead to Summer which is no bad thing!