Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Spring, Glorious Spring! Daffodils in Watercolour

Loving how these daffodils are emerging on my easel.

The sun is shining and a morning walk around my garden has been a highlight of my day. Daffodils, snowdrop,crocus and primroses are all in flower. Even the cherry blossom and witchhazel are coming into bloom so the variety of colour I see daily is incredible. Adding further temptation for my brushes and palette choices to capture a sense of life in my new collection of watercolours.

I always feel energised in sunshine.  If we had it every day then  it wouldn't be so magical to look forward to. Just like our art because the paintings that don't turn out as you imagine they would, make the ones that  do even more fantastic.

After such a great week of workshops last week it is wonderful to be back in my studio and  enjoying quiet creative time. Right now I am putting all the yellow shades on my palette a good work out. adding instant sunshine to my results.

 I love Spring!


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