Monday, 3 February 2014

Snowdrop Heaven 2014

Snowdrops softly coming to life in a new watercolour

The snowdrops are out in our garden so I couldn't resist painting them. I sold many snowdrop paintings in galleries last year and they quickly became one of my best selling subjects . I haven't even one of my own snowdrop paintings hanging in our cottage so this afternoon I delighted in creating the first of this years snowdrop paintings.

We have various areas in our garden where the snowdrops bloom. Some of the little white flowers are out in the open often seen in sunlight. But my eye was drawn to a beautiful clump hidden at the base of a fir tree. These are sheltered from the light and very much in shadow. In fact I almost missed them when I passed by which gave me the idea for this painting. I will have one  " star" in the foreground and the other flowers will be the "backing group" behind it, less important but without them the star wouldn't shine so well!

The colours I have used so far are Winsor Violet, Cerulean Blue and for the green I have used heavily a diluted Perylene Green. I will possibly add warmth in sections with a layer of Cadmium Yellow at a later stage, as a final wash over my finished painting. This is a technique I often use and it will be explained in a feature I have written for the Artist magazine which will be available in April 2014. There is also a fabulous competition with my feature so please keep an eye out for it, and enter to win great prizes!

I must  admit I am using Winsor Violet so much at the moment. It is perfect for my Spring collection. It is definitely a shade to keep on your palette.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Lovely paintings here.
I never used to buy 'tube' colors but I've come to realize that although, one can mix a delicious array of colors, sometimes the perfect shade of premixed color is the 'go to' color.
I find Holbein has a most delicious premixed variety.

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hello Mary, thank you for your reply. I always use tubes of colour as they are more tempting in huge "blobs" of stunning shades on my palette. I also never pre mix on my palette , I prefer to allow the colours to merge and " sing " on paper creating fabulous patterns during the drying process. Yes, Holbein products are fantastic!!!