Sunday, 23 February 2014

Unwinding with Watercolour

Kitten on my easel, created from left over mixed pigment.

Quite often at the end of the day there is a variety of pigment left in the centre well of my palette. I hate wasting this and tend to use it as a challenge to create a painting. I look forward to this part of the day immensely, as I seem to produce some wonderful "surprise" paintings. Purely by relaxing and having fun to unwind. This afternoon this soft, fluffy kitten started to emerge. I feel a few more brushstrokes will take this to a completed painting. I may adjust the ears. I feel that the area under the chin needs a little definition and a few watermarks on the chest area could bring this to life further. Although I will admit, now this is on my computer screen I quite like it as it is!

 I have had a fabulous full week of workshops  I have met the most amazing people and loved every single day of teaching. I feel so fortnate to be in this amazing career as every day sees something completely new.  However, I now need to complete my collection for my Spring Solo exhibition. I have some beautiful new watercolours in this new body of work and I have loved the gallery owners reaction to their seeing the images that I have already forwarded for press releases.

I will share more details  soon. For now I need to close my studio and leave it in preparation for an exciting days painting tomorrow.


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