Thursday, 27 February 2014

Spring Chorus : Saunders Waterford Paper

 Large first wash for spring flowers, with detail gradually being added to bring the composition to life.

I am finding it so hard to leave my studio today. I have completed some  gorgeous pieces for my new book and for my solo exhibition in April. To close the day I worked further on this vibrant wash of  spring colour. I initially used favourite shades all over the paper to create a foundation for a seasonal floral painting. When the first wash was completely dry I started  adding definition in favourite sections, to bring hints of flowers to life.

I leave my studio each day with a favourite piece on my easel, to look forward to working on the next day. This piece pleases me so much, as the artist, that I dread leaving it or even finsihing it. As it is so wonderful to work on. But it is the end of the day. A time when further touches could kill the spontaneity in this exciting painting.

Here is a close up section of a favourite section , already full of drama  and life.

Section close up of my painting of spring flowers

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