Monday, 24 February 2014

Tiger Feet : Kitten in Watercolour( Bockingford Watercolour Paper 140lbs )

Kitten coming to life in watercolour
Bockingford watercolour paper 140lbs.

The botanical artist in me is coming out as I work on a kitten painting at the end of each painting session. I'm getting hooked on adding fine detail  for whiskers and eyes. After yesterdays success with the now popular little grey kitten painting, I couldn't resist returning to the subject today but making myself opt for different fur colouring. Artists who attended my workshops last week will remember my words when I say "Always trying something new". Which is beneficial for both our  imagination and for stretching our artistic skills.

I started this piece by finding the eyes first on a blank piece of paper, making neat outlines with my rigger brush. These shapes I quickly flooded with colour to form the eyes as my starting points. These I can then easily work away from  to form the kittens face. Next I literally dropped colour into damp spaces where I wanted the fur to appear. As I worked downwards from the face ,I adored finding the little " tiger feet"  formed by wet on wet techniques.

"Tiger feet" formed by watermarks and the wet in wet technique.

Out tof interest , I never use masking fluid so the whites of the kitten eyes are purely there from my working around the white space of the paper.

I have used Bockingford Watercolour paper 140lbs for painting this kitten and it has been fantastic. The paper surface allows the pigmentst to flow readily and interact with water, making my subject come alive readily. This is a super quality product and well worth working on for subjects against a white background, as  seen in the top image.

This painting is almost complete but I want to add a little more definition.

I am having a purrfectly wonderful time painting these adorable subjects, what next tomorrow?
I  wonder!


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