Monday, 31 March 2014

Delicate Brushstrokes

Daffodils, softly coming to life in watercolour

It is obvious that I am loving Spring this year. My happiness flows into my work as one floral after another comes to life on my easel. I have seen daffodils in bloom since I was a child. There has never been a year where their vibrant yellow has not cheered my soul. Their trumpet formations seem to herald a new beginning each year, welcoming in a season full of hope and joy.

Maybe I am being far too romantic! In my recent paintings I am trying to gain that feeling of  cheerfulness and a fabulous freedom of spirit. The new collection on my easel are painted from the daffodils in my cottage garden.  I have one gorgeous row in paticular, with all the heads facing in the same direction. They look similar to a line of dancers especially when the breeze moves their  pretty heads in time.

I hope to share more paintings very soon. For now, please consider painting what you seeseasonally  as often as possible. But take time to " really see" natures' beauty. 

Don't race past things that deserve a few minutes by stopping to enjoy them !


A special thank you for all the personal emails letting me know how much you are enjoying my blog.
 I hope to reply personally soon!


JD said...

This is wonderful! They look like silk daffs. This is by far my favourite daffodil painting you've done.
What colours have you used here?

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hi there

This is mainly Cadmium Yellow, hevaily diluted in places. the centres are Cadmium Orange with a hint of Alizarin Crimson. There is a tiny touch of Coblat Blue added to the very centre to merge with the yellow to form a very pale green in places. I hope this helps. Thank you for asking ,