Tuesday 4 March 2014

Violets in Watercolour

Violets in Watercolour

How I love my life! Okay there are blips in it at times but if my life was always perfect then the wonderful days wouldn't be so fantastic. Today I had a meeting with my wonderful PA, Christine, who artists on my workshop will remember. Christine is fantastic in everything that she does for me and together we make a perfect team. But not only do we work well together, we have many similar interests. Gardening and flowers being just two.

Today we had rather tedious issues to discuss. Behind the scenes details that all businesses incur. But Christine arrived with the sweetest little glass jar of  stunning violets. Their colour was amazing and when our meeting was over it was impossible for me to continue working on my book or exhibition paintings. I just had to paint the violets. I painted three little pieces, each very different in composition. One had  fine detail on the main flowers. Another was more of a wash with flowers  "discovered" in it as is my way of working. But the painting I like most of all is the quickest brushwork . Telling the story but without too much fuss. Which is the piece I am sharing in this blog post. ( See above )

I learn so many lessons when I am writing my blog. From this post I can say 

1) Life without friends would be empty
2) Cease the moment, because these little flowers wouldn't have waited for me to have time to paint them and look what I would have missed.
3) Treat yourself now and then to something just for you. This painting was just that. Painted for fun to relax and I loved it.

I hope you do too!



Unknown said...

You are such an inspiration to me. I've never been formally taught to watercolor and have honestly found it a bit intimidating, but you've inspired me to give it a go. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

Sergio DS said...

I learn so many lessons too when I visit your blog, love painting for example.

LovesToCreate said...

I am so in love with your style, and have loved trying the exercises in your book. I would love it I'd you could take a look at the dragonfly I just completed...... Jean Haines style? Any advice!
Can't wait to try the yellow challenge. You are an inspiration!